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Discover what SANUSOM can do for your CPAP adherence rate below

Studies have shown that CPAP adherence tends to drop significantly between months 3 and 7 after setup.

We created SANUSOM to change that.

Leveraging FDA-registered software, industry-leading sleep science research, and a specialized Care Coaching team that includes doctors and providers licensed in all 50 states, we provide patients with 7 months of collaborative CPAP adherence support.

We guide patients through the first 7 months of their CPAP treatment and take steps to ensure that they continue with the program long-term.


SANUSOM’s specialized, physician-supervised 7-month program helps increase CPAP adherence.

Here’s how it works, in three simple steps:


Patient On-Boarding

To get started with SANUSOM, we work closely with your CPAP equipment provider during the set-up process.  We require the consent of each patient. Once that is granted, our in-house Physicians and providers will conduct an introductory visit with the patient via telemedicine to help personalize the program.


Ongoing Coaching & Adherence Support

Our industry-leading care coaches use proven protocols to provide ongoing adherence support and sleep science education that reinforces the link between CPAP therapy and better health outcomes.  We are in frequent communication with the patients and help resolve any barriers or roadblocks that the patient may experience preventing adherence to CPAP therapy.


Progress Reports & Updates

We also provide the physician with regular status reports for each patient we oversee.   Because our role is adherence only, we will refer any medical management issues back to the patient’s referring physician.


Increased Adherence

SANUSOM’s proven protocols have been shown to increase adherence rates by roughly 10% within the first 90 days – by one year this number is 20-25% and even after two years it remains almost 20% higher than average


Pay Nothing & Profit

Rather than charging DMEs or patients, SANUSOM bills Medicare and/or insurance providers directly. This means that your office can profit from increased adherence without incurring any extra costs

Increased Adherence and Long Term Success

SANUSOM’s proven protocols have been shown to increase adherence rates by almost 10% within the first 90 days – by one year this number is over 20% and even after 4-years it remains almost 20% higher.

Key Program Benefits

For DMEs and Doctors

For Patients

Backed by Innovative, Industry-Leading RPM Research

SANUSOM’s collaborative CPAP adherence protocols were developed by Dr. William Noah, a leading sleep scientist who has been instrumental in the development of many new CPAP technologies, including V-Com. In 2021, Dr. Noah published landmark research in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine highlighting a 90% usage increase for 4000 patients when compared to routine DME care.

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